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And White This web site is for white Americans and African Americans, and encourages interracial dating between the two.In addition, to the usual photos and profiles - it also offers message boards and video connects.

Opportunities include happy hours, discussion groups, and occasional outings.There is a catch however, and we feel it's important that our readers are aware of this before they sign up to a long term subscription.Although all of the Tango Wire sites claim to be aimed a different niche audience (with a specific interest, such as black dating, gay dating, senior dating etc.), all of the sites in fact share the same membership base, with all members of the Tango Wire network being able to access and view profiles from any one of the 30 niche sites ran by Tango Wire.Burnished blackware exterior with decoration consisting of three curving S-shaped designs that are filled with a stippled (textured) surface. See pages 29 through 32 of Christopher Donnan's "Ceramics of Ancient Peru" for similar photographs of this type and additional scholarly information. 0 — Ecuador 400 BC - 200 AD Two large and exceptional Guangala pottery stamps from ancient Ecuador. Very rare examples that display nicely on custom stands that are included. In fair to good condition with one flange partially restored. Large vessels like this were typically used to store and transport water or a type of fermented corn beer know as 'Chicha'. A crack in the lower body has been restored and some light paint enhancements; otherwise intact and original. Areas of surface erosion (pitting) and fire clouding, mostly on the bottom half and underside. An attractive and sizable example that displays dramatically on the custom metal tripod ring stand which is included. Painted overall in an orange-red slip with cream details, topped by a wide flared spout. See Donnan's "Moche Portraits" Page 40, Figure 3.26 for a similar example. Light surface wear, some chipping, minor erosion and paint loss present. Painted overall with a purple-brown color and an orange-red slip on the spout. Breaks to the legs and minor losses replaced as is typical. One chamber is topped by a long straight spout, the other has a standing figure shown drinking from a kero. The head, one hand and both arms reattached at the shoulders with break lines restored. A single stress crack, that went from the outer edge toward the center has been restored along with very minor paint touch ups. Some light paint loss and deposits overall, as would be expected. The bowl sits on three massive legs that are in the form of stylized jaguar heads. Figure #2, Right - Michoacan shaman, circa 400 BC - 100 BC. This olla-form vessel is a stylized cactus showing a wide band of raised ribs and nodes sculpted around the midsection. The body is rounded, angles sharply at the shoulder and tapers toward the neck, then flares gently to a wide spout. This example is beautifully painted using the fine-line method in shades of red against a tan/cream background. The bottom tapers gently and is slightly flared at the end. The shallow bowl sits on three pointy, hollow legs containing rattles. A three-inch section of the rim has been restored along with one leg. Large, hollow ball-shaped feet are slotted diagonally. Well sculpted in the form of a stylized bird with wings in high relief tucked to the sides. The central band is a stylized step fret design know as a 'blood-curl.' The top register has six chiefs' heads in profile, aka 'speaking glyphs.' Between the heads are dots and bars representing numbers or dates. The surface is a deep orange-red and has black and cream painted decoration. The spout and the spout's 'handle' are partially restored, otherwise intact. The eyes, nose and mouth are in high relief along with large circular ear spools. Originally acquired in 1972 from Hartwell Kennard of Mc Allen, Texas. 5" tall x 3.75" across 5 — Peru 100 AD - 400 AD A Nazca pottery bowl with geometric designs. It depicts three birds perched upon conjoined spheres. Burnished redware surface with a few areas of fire clouding. It has never been overly cleaned and still shows ample deposits along with earthen encrustation in the crevices. Just over 11" tall x 6" across 00 — Costa Rica 300 AD - 700 AD Tripod vessels from the Atlantic Watershed region of Costa Rica. Sizes range from very small to tiny with various types of surfaces; polychromes, blackwares, red and orange wares, etc. Additional provenance and info (specific cultures and dates) on each piece will be provided to the buyer. 1.25" tall to 2.25" tall 50 — Peru 650 AD - 800 AD A nice Wari (Huari) vessel from ancient Peru. 0 each or 0 for all three — Ecuador 300 BC - 400 AD An unusual Jama Coaque figure from ancient Ecuador. This very rare mirror dates to the Wairajirca-Kotosh Period. His arms are raised in a gesture which indicates he is in an induced state of shamanic transformantion. The fruits are accented with red and black stripes delicately painted over a backround of cream slip. Condition is somewhat poor with moderate to heavy restoration. All are brownware terracotta and are nicely burnished. — Mexico 600 AD - 900 AD A nice Classic Period Maya rattle figure from Jaina Island, gulf coast of Campeche, Mexico. Two fingers and a portion of the strap across the head have been replaced. 5 — Costa Rica - Panama 1000 AD - 1500 AD Three nice Tarrago tripod vessels from the border area of Costa Rica and Panama (Diquis Zone) dating to the Chirique Phase, Period VI. The head is tilted upward and hands to their chest.This is a rare and early variant called 'Cupisnique' which often shows the main chamber with low relief or textured decoration that continues onto the spout itself. The upper part of the spout, approximately 4 inches, was missing and has been completely restored (replaced). Stamps like these were created and used by many Pre-Columbian cultures to apply body paint and to decorate textiles. A square form with the figure facing forward showing a fierce expression and wearing an elaborate headdress and waist wrap (belt) extensions. The break lines have been restored and light paint enhancements, but is otherwise original and complete. The figure wears a headdress that contains the whistle. 0 — Costa Rica 1000 AD - 1400 AD Large human effigy figure from Costa Rica's Atlantic Watershed region, carved from tan colored lavastone. Both ear spools and small headdress losses have been replaced. The plate is displayed on a custom metal stand which is included as shown. Each jaguar head has circular openings facing inward and pairs of elongated oval (slots) near the top. — West Mexico Two extremely rare seated Shaman figures from Western Mexico. Each comes with a custom metal display stand as shown. It depicts a shaman seated on a palanquin (throne). Much of the original red cinnabar paint remains and ample deposits are present. One ear spool restored, the toes of both feet and a few feather tips on the headdress have also been restored. Museum deaccession from the California Academy of Sciences. The nicely burnished surface is a deep red, typical of Colima pottery from this period. The painted design depicts a spiraling row of fifteen running foxes. The trumpet is decorated with a finely detailed standing figure, sculpted in high relief. The exterior surface is a nicely burnished with a deep orange-red slip. On top is a nicely detailed head showing a long curving beak, likely depicting a native horn-bill variety. Beautifully painted in vibrant shades of red, orange and black against a cream ground. Two rim shards reattached and two hairline rim cracks restored along with minor paint touch ups. Some stable hairline surface cracking, moderate deposits and light surface wear overall. Included is a custom display stand that consists of two joined rings and an armature to support the spout. The hollow body is unusual with a wide opening between the legs and open at the top and at the base. Also, one eye and the nose were chipped and have been restored. Nicely painted all around with a step-fret motif in shades of gold, orange and purple; outlined in white against a black background. Overall a great example, quite large and a rare type. These are often referred to as Chocolate Pots or Cocoa Cups. Nearly all Pre-Columbian cultures were known to create miniatures, but a collection as extensive as this is rarely seen. Some have minor chips, dings and paint loss, but all are generally intact. This form is know as a kero and were used as drinking vessels, typically for 'chicha', a type of fermented corn beer. 4.5" tall x 5.5" across 5 — Peru 700 AD - 1350 AD A fine blackware Naymlap libation vessel from the North Coast of Peru. The figure wears complex regalia and jewelry assemblages and is elevated on a large rectangular platform. It is similar to those found at the Shillacoto site in Huanuco. Assembled from numerous pieces with areas of replacement and significant amounts of paint enhancement. The underside is only partially restored with visible break lines. Colors vary from a rich chocolate brown to shades of dark oranges and blacks. Each has been assembled from several original pieces with breaks restored and small losses replaced. A hollow-molded standing female figure with raised hands. One foot has been reattached and the break restored. Spout reattached with restored break - 3) Tripod vessel (right) - Approx. Lovely bowl with solid (rare, human-form) legs and in perfect condition - 0 Priced individually or 0 for all three — Mexico 1000 AD - 1500 AD Post Classic period Mixtec tripod bowl. All are well made, thin walled examples of "bisque ware" pottery, typical of that region. The lips and nose have been consumed by the flesh-eating bacteria "leishmenaisis," a disease that still prevails in some remote areas of Peru.

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Het kan zijn dat fabrikanten uiteindelijk zal leiden tot het presidentsschap.

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An employee who performs essential services for the public.

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But, phone is one of the best ways to keep your long distance relation intimate or simply release your tension from the stress that you feel from the overwhelming things that happen in your life.

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GALLUP NEWS SERVICE PRINCETON, NJ -- Most Americans say they approve of interracial dating.

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On this site you will find in-depth reviews of all the best webcam sites online including video tutorials, updated prices and special benefits.

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We are the UK's leading chat site and welcome chatters over the age of 18 from all over the world. Our chat rooms and message boards are moderated by our team of Chat Guides and Forum Hosts.

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Chester Dating present speed dating and singles nights for Chester Wirral and the surrounding areas.

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in recognition of his commitment to equality and diversity at the University of Edinburgh on July 5.

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Johannesburg - On day two of Johannesburg’s Sexpo at the Sandton Convention Centre – which ended on Saturday – a bare handful of visitors dotted the exhibition space.