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NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Partnership hereby agrees to grant, release, assign, convey and deliver unto the Managing Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiaries (as hereinafter defined), all of the right, title and interest of the Partnership in and to the Partnership Assets and Cash Reserves for the uses and purposes stated herein on the Effective Date, subject to the terms and provisions set out below, and the Managing Trustee hereby agrees to accept such Partnership Assets and Cash Reserves and such Trust, subject to the following terms and provisions:“AFFILIATE” shall mean, with respect to any Person, (a) any other Person directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by or under common control with such Person, (b) any officer, director or partner of such Person, (c) any other Person owning or controlling 10% or more of the outstanding voting securities of such Person and (d) if such Person is an officer, director or partner, any other person for which such Person acts in such capacity.“AGGREGATE ASSETS VALUE” shall mean the aggregate book value of the assets of the Partnership (other than investments in bank accounts, money market funds and other current assets) at the time of measurement before deducting depreciation, bad debts or other similar non-cash reserves and without reduction for any debt secured by or relating to such assets.“ASSET MANAGEMENT FEE” shall mean the fee paid to the Managing Trustee or its Affiliates pursuant to Section 6.4 hereof for day-to-day professional management services in connection with the Trust and its affairs.“BENEFICIAL INTEREST” shall mean each Beneficiary’s proportionate share of the Trust Assets in the Trust determined by the ratio of the number of Partnership Units held by the Initial Beneficiary on the close of business on the Record Date in the Partnership over the total number of Partnership Units existing on such Record Date in the Partnership and thereafter each Beneficiary’s proportional beneficial interest in the Trust represented by Trust Units.“GROSS REVENUES” shall mean all amounts actually collected as rents or other charges for the use and occupancy of Trust Assets, but shall exclude interest and other investment income of the Trust and proceeds received by the Trust from a sale, exchange, condemnation, eminent domain taking, casualty or other disposition of assets of the Trust.“LIQUIDATING DISTRIBUTIONS” shall mean the net cash proceeds received by the Trust from (a) the sale, exchange, condemnation, eminent domain taking, casualty or other disposition of substantially all of the assets of the Trust or the last remaining assets of the Trust or (b) a liquidation of the Trust Assets in connection with a dissolution of the Trust, after (i) payment of all expenses of such sale, exchange, condemnation, eminent domain taking, casualty or other disposition or liquidation, including real estate commissions, if applicable, (ii) the payment of any outstanding indebtedness and other liabilities of the Trust, (iii) any amounts used to restore any such assets of the Trust, and (iv) any amounts set aside as reserves which the Managing Trustee in its sole discretion may deem necessary or desirable.“LIQUIDATING TRUST” shall mean the liquidating trust maintained by the Managing Trustee holding the Trust Assets of the Partnership, identified as the “Behringer Harvard Short-Term Opportunity Liquidating Trust”; also referred to herein as the “Trust.”“MANAGER” shall mean such Person or Persons who have been employed by, or who have contracted with, the Managing Trustee to assist in the management of the Trust, and for the avoidance of doubt, the Manager may be the General Partner or any Affiliate of the General Partner.“MAJORITY VOTE” shall mean the affirmative vote or written consent of Beneficiaries then owning of record more than fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding Trust Units; provided, however, that any Trust Units owned or otherwise controlled by the Managing Trustee or its Affiliates may not be voted and will not be included in the total number of outstanding Trust Units for purposes of this definition unless such Trust Units are the only Trust Units outstanding as of the date of determination.“NET CAPITAL CONTRIBUTION” shall mean, with respect to any Beneficiary, the Beneficiary’s “Net Capital Contribution” as defined in the Partnership Agreement and as of the Effective Date, and as reduced from time to time by distributions to such Beneficiary from the Trust of Non-Liquidating Net Sale Proceeds and Liquidating Distributions, but without reduction for interim distributions of Net Cash From Operations, if any, made pursuant to Section 5.4 hereof.“NET CASH FROM OPERATIONS” shall mean cash funds from operations of the Trust (including without limitation interest and other investment income and without deduction for depreciation or amortization after deducting funds used to pay or to provide for the payment of all operating expenses of the Trust and each Trust Asset and debt service, if any, capital improvements and replacements), less the amounts set aside for restoration or creation of reserves.“NON-LIQUIDATING NET SALE PROCEEDS” shall mean the net cash proceeds received by the Trust from a sale, exchange, condemnation, eminent domain taking, casualty or other disposition of assets of the Trust, which does not constitute substantially all of the remaining assets of the Trust, after (a) payment of all expenses of such sale, exchange, condemnation, eminent domain taking, casualty or other disposition, including real estate commissions, if applicable, (b) the payment of any outstanding indebtedness and other Trust liabilities relating to such disposed assets, (c) any amounts used to restore any such disposed assets or purchase additional assets with the proceeds thereof, and (d) any amounts set aside as reserves which the Managing Trustee in its sole discretion may deem necessary or desirable (including for the purchase of additional assets).“PURCHASE PRICE” shall mean the price paid by the Partnership for Trust Assets (including all Acquisition Fees as defined by the Partnership Agreement, liens and mortgages on the properties, but excluding points and prepaid interest) plus all costs of improvements, if any, reasonably and properly allocable to the Trust Assets.“TRUST” shall mean a Delaware Statutory Trust pursuant to Chapter 38 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code and created by the filing of a Certificate of Trust with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware.“TRUST ASSETS” shall mean all the property held from time to time by the Managing Trustee under this Agreement, which initially shall consist of the Partnership Assets of the Partnership granted, assigned and conveyed to the Managing Trustee by the Partnership, the Cash Reserves, and, in addition, shall thereafter include all proceeds and other receipts of, from, or attributable to any assets, causes of actions or claims held by the Trust.“TRUST UNITS” shall mean those equal, undivided portions into which the Beneficial Interests in the Trust Assets are divided, as evidenced on the books and records of the Trust and as shall not be certificated or represented by any form of other instrument.

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From Taylor showing skin in a crop top, to Blake Shelton kicking it casual in jeans, country singers certainly brought their A-game to the show style-wise. Find out who killed it at the ACMs when it comes to fashion!

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Geb is a developer focused tool for automating the interaction between web browsers and web content.

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“As a passionate dog owner myself, I know the importance of seeking out other like-minded individuals, and in today’s fast-paced world, a dating site that truly gets to the heart of its users’ main passion in life will help people connect quickly and efficiently online.

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They recently gave million for a 14-bed neonatal intensive care unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital earlier this year, a cause that hit close to home for the parents as their son needed neonatal intensive care when he was born eight weeks early.

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I like this one pretty well have not got all the endings yet so hopefully there`s nothing in it that`s a turn off for me One thing that is irritating is I don`t see a score or influence meter or anything to know for sure what`s the right or wrong answers.

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Meer dan 400 online sexdating sites zijn momenteel actief op het internet. Er zijn dus ontzettend veel websites waar dezelfde profielen worden gebruikt voor verschillende datingsites waar men komt om een seksmatch te maken.

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If this is about trying to influence or even force him into making a decision or at the very least, gameplaying, re-evaluate your motives and think about the bigger picture and whether is how you want to spend your time, because it’s a slippery slope to losing your dignity and no one is worth that. One of the strengths of the guy in this relationship is that he has the power to get around you. That and whatever you’re prepared to settle for is what you’re going to get. Put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were her in the same situation. When you stop seeing her as this inconvenient, pesky obstacle, in truly empathising, you will be able to feel compassion and also have self-compassion. Do you still want to be doing this in 3, 6, 9, 12 months or even in years? Instead of being in watching TV with your feet up waiting for his call, be out. If you think you’ll be tempted to be swayed, change your mobile phone or block his email address. You’d be surprised though – lots of people have been in your situation.

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