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Here you just get to pick who you'd rather hang out with though ^^ (sorry, no romance this time around). -3-) I found pein and Koran the funniests and cutest! I love how stupid Reader-chan is in the Sasori and Diedara one the most, and how competitive she is in the Itachi and Kisame one. How can you just walk in here with him like everything's fine-Yeah?! You can still feel the water leaking through, so you're still getting wet. You’d guessed Deidara would be late when you called him over, but this was something you really felt the two of you needed to talk about face to face. At first you just lie there, not knowing what to do. You stop once you notice a fresh set of clothes beside you. You're starting to get desperate for some, but it's probably better that Itachi didn't bring them. You could tell by the name he’d given you that he was the one calling out to you, but why is that? You can’t help jumping to attention after this verbal attack.“Yes Hidan-Kun! "I know you aren't as fine with us going as you're letting on. Especially since not everyone has left yet and Sasori standing there would look a little conspicuous."Why would I keep you waiting?

Yes this is AU again, sorry Naruto/ Akatsuki are copyrighted to Mashashi Kishimoto I have to comment on the pen and Konan one! The different personalities made this more fun to read :3Zetsu is the best for hugging You kind of get to hug him in this though - akatsuki-rabbit.deviantart.com…Deviantart wouldn't let me put that up the normal way because the file was too big :/(I still have some Zetsu one-shots planned that I need to write...)i apsolutly loved this!!! (not hidin's...) and i just have to say, i almost died of laughing on tobi's, because that's something i would do! Akatsukix Reader: Akatsuki High School Part Ten"It's not fair..." Deidara goes on. " He asks you, sounding frustrated with himself but before you can answer, Sasori asks just what someone can be thinking."What are you talking about Deidara? With how focused he always is on art, he’s never given any indication that he ever wants a kid...“Hey, un.” You jump as the blond sits down next to you. Itachi really doesn't seem like the perverted type, but with those eyes being so emotionless and mysterious, who knows what can be going on behind them? He always seemed to be the one most annoyed by you out of all of the Akatsuki.“^^O. No-one will notice if I slip away quietly." He tells you in a hushed tone, a smile you aren't so sure of creeps onto his face."What? " He asks, but you know he probably doesn't need an answer.

A Genin from Team 7, Sakura is very intelligent, but self-conscious about herself.

Having just recently received training from Tsunade, Sakura is now able to deliver powerful punches and heal her own allies.

I'd been kind of out of practice for a while before writing these The reason the reader characters are all so... -Points an acusing finger at Tobi-Tobi: I-is Tobi a good boy? Tell that to my deleted Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Ragnarok Oddessy, and Pokemon save files you idiota ragazzo! Sasori, with nothing to say to this, gives Deidara a disgusted look before leaving."Deidara-Kun? You've been at Akatsuki High for three weeks now and it's always rained when you have to walk home. It must be dry where he is, because his blazer is undone and drooping over of his shoulders. He just sits comfortably staring up at the greying sky, his long dark ponytail flowing loosely to his side. ” You sigh to yourself as that thought crosses your mind. Bye." You run down the street, off to school."______-Chan..." Tobi watches until you are out of sight. He could have at least helped you find a place to stay. He's never really talked to you or anything, but now that you've seen his artwork and, sort of, appreciated it, you two have become like friends."Hey, _______-Chan." Deidara starts, bringing you back out of your dazed look and back into the classroom. So, you both walk to the surprisingly easy to find art class.

varied is because this was originally a quiz and the personalities were based on the answers given. -Starts chasing Tobi around comicly-Deidara: -Is totaly not playing Cooking Mama, nope...-Sasori: -Is totaly not the one who messed with her saved files, why would you think that? The different personalities are pretty awesome, too. With a sigh, you take off your bag, hold it above your head for shelter and made a quick dash out into the heavy showers. You’ve been sat on the sofa in your small apartment for the last hour with your hand on your stomach as you look down at it with a troubled expression. You groan and roll over, still half asleep, only to find Itachi standing over you. Sure, Itachi had brought you things to wear last night, but now what were you going to do? "For this and yesterday." He leaves without ano Akatsukix Reader: AHS - Hidan's Ending“Hey ^^O. It’s really a surprise for you to find Hidan staying back with you when you turn around, while the rest of the Akatsuki are making their final exit. ” He snaps at you, bringing you back from your thoughts. As soon as you get there, you notice another person who you aren't really sure is in your class or n Akatsukix Reader: AHS - Sasori's Ending"_______." Sasori starts, coming up to you, even with the rest of Akatsuki clearly leaving.

You somehow landed up stuck with the Infamous Killer, yes, it's Jeff the killer, somehow he is without his knife, and he is in a straightjacket. IT HAS JUST BEEN 3 DAYS SINCE I FIRST PUBLISHED IT!

And you have to spend 24 hours with him before fate is decided!

This quiz covers a wider group of characters in Naruto than many of other quizzes.A Genin from Team 7, Naruto is an orphan with the goal to one day become Hokage.Using his signature move, Shadow Clones, Naruto is able to perform powerful moves such as the Uzumaki Naruto Combo and the Rasengan.Although he others were great and all (especailly the cutness in the associate and dedaria one.... *(cough*justprobablynotforgivetobi...iwouldkill him O_O *cough*) Anyways~! I don't even know anything about the Akatsuki leaving." He points out. “I did knock.” He smirks at your startled reaction to seeing him, not picking up on how distracted you were. " He finishes happily."Tobi..." You start to say before looking down at the floor sadly. "I will only have more trouble getting away later." The rest of Akatsuki are a good distance away now, and to your surprise, it looks like they really haven't noticed this discussion."Can't I get ready first? Sasori does not look too impressed with your apparent enthusiasm."I thought you wanted us to be together as long as possible." He begins his disagreement."How could this happening have anything to do with me? But while you were going around threatening people, me and Itachi went to go do something about it! When you look into his eyes briefly only to quickly return your gaze downwards, he starts to guess something might be up however.“What’s wrong, un? "Besides, there's nothing wrong with what you're wearing now.

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She tends to take care of herself, her dress and her appearance!